About Us

A modern & holistic approach to
an ancient science


“ANUJA”, a well known and a recognized brand in India with very high brand equity value. As an organization, it had been built brick-by-brick by Late Rajendra Mehta, with the basic principle of applying the oldest medical system to Modern Life. 

Our sole aim is to provide a research based scientific approach to the age-old holistic science of Ayurveda to its customers with its extract base fortified formulations to enhance the efficacy and reduce the dosage requirement.

Anuja Herbaceuticals will be providing a wide range of 100% natural and safe products with rare herbs collected from the best available and trusted source. Each product combines the best of Ayurveda with years of dedicated research. Batch to batch performance and complete purity & safety are assured through the application of advanced pharmaceutical technology at every stage of manufacture.

Conceptualized in the year 1977, we are a GMP certified company having more than 60 products in our portfolios across various therapeutic categories in different dosage forms.

At Anuja, we constantly work towards ensuring access to high quality and affordable ayurvedic medicines to support patients in need. Which is why, we have been trusted by health care professionals and patients across the country for the last four decades. The ayurvedic products and its formulations are time tested and are cost effective, weigh high on quality and ensure customer satisfaction.

We are here for the people and will serve in their pursuit of healthy lives. This has been the way of Anuja for more than four decades—passionately and thoughtfully translating ancient science into lasting contributions to modern day healthcare.

Our products encircle life, from newborns to aging adults, from nutrition and diagnostics through medical care and pharmaceutical therapy.

Caring is central to the work we do and defines our responsibility to those we serve.

We’re dedicated to fulfill the promise of human potential, in all places, in all aspects and stages of life. We believe that health is the key to that promise. Because at our healthiest, we’re capable of achieving anything. And that’s why our pursuit of helping people achieving their best health at every life stage will never end. This is how we put that belief into practice each and every day.

  • We believe that our ancient leading-edge science will hold the potential for significant improvements to health and to the practice of health care in the future.
  • We value our diversity—that of our products, technologies, markets and people—and believe that diverse perspectives combined with shared goals inspire new ideas and better ways of addressing changing health needs.
  • We focus on exceptional performance—a hallmark of Anuja people—demanding of ourselves and each other because our work impacts people’s lives.
  • We strive to earn the trust of those we serve by committing to the highest standards of quality, excellence in personal relationships, and behavior characterized by honesty, fairness and integrity.
  • We sustain success—for our business and the people we serve—by staying true to key tenets upon which our company was founded over 4 decades ago: innovative care and a desire to make a meaningful difference in all that we do.

The promise of our company is in the promise that our work holds for health and life.

At Anuja, we believe that all patients should have access to the Ayurvedic medicines they need. Ethical practices, accountability, robust governance and sustainable initiatives are at the very core of the Co’s business strategy, planning and operations which helps minimise risks and leverage opportunities to create value.


  • Reaching People and Touching Lives Globally as a Leading Provider of Valued Ayurvedic Medicines.
  • Modern & Scientific approach towards Ayurveda.
  • To provide a holistic approach to healthy living, providing guidance on how to enhance our Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual Harmony- defines our Responsibility to those we serve.



Get it right the first time


    Maintain efficiency & discipline in all processes & systems and fulfill the promises made to stakeholders


      Endeavour to bring new products to the market & consistently deliver value to stakeholders


        Be transparent in dealings


          Implement new ideas & technologies to meet unmet needs and think ahead of times

            Backed with more than four decades of experience and products encompassing a wide spectrum of Natural & Ayurvedic Healthcare, we are now planning to further expand with newer research oriented formulations to further add to the efficacy of the products.

            In addition, strengthening us to grow from pillar to pillar is our robust network of sales and marketing units in almost all the states across the country helping us reach our domestic customer base.

            At Anuja Herbaceuticals, we are living tomorrow today; because the endeavour to a brighter future starts from today. In superior community building, in harnessing safety, by nurturing the environment and by adopting world-class technology for producing outstanding products, Anuja's resilient approach to its impeccable vision will make it a global Ayurvedic Manufacturer.

            The promise of our company is in
            the promise that our work
            holds for health and life.