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Liver resides on Right… keep it RIGHT …. With Natural Hepatoprotective Combination…

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A properly functioning liver is critical for maintaining overall health. Infections like Hepatitis, harmful lifestyle choices like chronic alcohol use, and certain medications can cause liver diseases hampering its functions. This makes it essential to protect the liver to keep it running smoothly. Bile secretion, metabolism of nutrients, metabolic detoxification, and storage of minerals and vitamins are some of the important functions of the liver. ACTILIV FORTE ® Syrup is a powerful ayurvedic blend of three super herbs – Bhumi Amla, Kalmegh and Katki. Kalmegh and Bhumi Amla have antiviral action and help in dealing with liver infections. Katki present in ACTILIV FORTE ® Syrup helps to detoxify and protect the liver from free radicals.


  1. Protects Hepatocytes & Hepatic Parenchyma from various Infections.
  2. Improves Appetite & Digestion, Increases the Functional Efficiency of the Liver.
  3. Protects the Liver against the Toxicity of Alcohol, Drugs & Chemicals.
  4. Corrects Sluggish, Enlarged & Fatty Liver.

3 years - 10 years : 5 ml. twice daily before meal or as advised by the Physician.
Adults : 5 - 10 ml. twice daily before meal or as advised by the Physician.

Phyllanthus niruri (Bhuiamlaki) (It is Hepatoprotective, Antiviral, Anti bacterial, Antioxidant), Andrographis paniculata (Kalmegh) (It is used as Hepatoprotective, Antihelmintic, Anti cancer, Anti tumour, Antiviral), Picrorhiza kurrooa (Katki) (It has Hepatoprotective, Antiallergic, Anti inflammatory, Antioxidant, Anti cancer properties).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review
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