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They are not metalloids, but awsomeoid….natural blend of Iron & Calcium supplement.

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An ayurvedic herbo-mineral preparation rich in Kokilaksha & Loha Bhasma. These capsules are rich in iron, calcium, minerals and natural herbs. Iron is the second most important component of the human body after calcium, which ensures normal functioning of the body system. A potent ayurvedic proprietary medicine used in recovering from anemia. It has Loha Bhasma in micronized particles which enhances iron absorption naturally. FEKAL® Capsules is effective in treating iron deficiencies of various origins. This Ayurvedic medicine is safe and does not cause any side effects.


  1. Improves Haemoglobin and Calcium levels Naturally.
  2. Prevents Osteoarthritis and nourishes osteophytes cells.
  3. Controls Anaemia during post-menopausal complications.
  4. Very fast in action and easy assimilation with excellent tolerance.
  5. Very useful and safe during Pregnancy.

Adults : 1 cap. once/twice daily or as advised by the Physician.

Ferrum oxide (Loha Bhasma)(100 times) (It is Haematinic, Cytoprotective, Antioxidant), Ash of Ferri sulphuratum(Suvarna Makshik Bhasma) (It is Erythropoietic , Anti ageing, Antioxidant), Calcinated tin (Banga Bhasma) (It is Antimicrobial, Anti inflammatory, Aphrodisiac), Coral calx (Praval Bhasma) (It has Haemostatic, Antimicrobial, Antioxidant properties), Silicon dioxide (Akik Bhasma) (It is used as Haemostatic, Anti inflammatory, Antioxidant), Hydrated Calcium sulphate  (Godanti Bhasma) (It is proved as Rich Source of Iron, Calcium Rejuvenator), Ash of Bivalve shell (Shauktic Bhasma) (It is used as Antacid, increases microcirculation, rich source of calcium), Calx of Conch shell (Shankha Bhasma) (It is Antioxidant, Rich source of Calcium & Vit-C, Antacid), Asteracantha longifolia (Kokilaksha) (It is Haematopoietic, Hepatoprotective, Aphrodisiac), Musa paradiciaca (Rambha) (It is Haematopoietic, Antioxidant, Diuretic, Cholesterol reducer), Embelica officinalis (Dhatri) (It is Antioxidant, Rich sources of Iron & Vit-C), Terminalia chebula  (Haritaki) (It is Cytoprotective, Anti mutagenic, Anti-allergic, Antioxidant).

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