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An obstacle is often a stepping stone… get rid of the hard calculus naturally .

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Kidney stones are little deposits formed in the ureter and bladder. These deposits obstruct the flow of bodily toxins, which would otherwise pass naturally through urine. According to Ayurveda, an imbalance of Vata leads to the drying of Kapha. This, in turn, leads to kidney stones. Timely treatment is possible with timely diagnosis! Start by getting a personalized diagnosis of your health problem and begin your healing journey at Anuja Herbaceuticals for long-term relief. KASSTON ® Tablets is an amazing Ayurvedic remedy that helps to crush kidney stones. Kasston is indicated in kidney stones and break it into fragments for its easy passage through urine. It makes the stones small enough that it’s gets easily flushed out. It is also a great diuretic, removes the excess fluid from the body and eliminates unwanted toxins from the body. KASSTON ® Tablets are recommended by doctors in the prevention of recurrence of the Stone Formation, urinary tract infection and renal calculi. It reduces problems related to kidney, kidney stones, Painful micturition. It acts as a renal tonic and rejuvenates the nephrons. It is anti-urolithic that prevents urinary tract infections and reduces inflammation.


  1. Dissolves Renal calculi up to 7mm. and flushes them out with strong diuretic action.
  2. Prevents the Recurrence of the stone formation.
  3. Treats Urinary Tract Infection and prevents Recurrence.
  4. Has no side effects , causes no harm to the soft tissues.

5 years - 10 years : half to 1 tab. twice daily after meal or as advised by the Physician.

Adults : 1 tab. twice daily after meal or as advised by the Physician.

Crataeva religiosa (Varun) (It has Lithotriptic, Anti Urolithiasis, Anti Inflammatory , Balance Hyperoxaluria properties), Tribulus terrestris (Gokshura) (It is used as Diuretic, Demulcent,Aphrodisiac, Antiurolithic), Boerhavia diffusa (Punarnava) (It is Diuretic, Stomachic, Diaphoretic, Anti inflammatory), Bergenia ligulata (Pashan Behda) (Diuretic, Antioxidant, Anti Inflammatory), Dolichos biflorus (Kulatha) (Diuretic, Astringent, Antihistaminic,Lithotriptic), Silicate of lime (Hajrul Yahood Bhasma) (It has Diuretic,Lithotriptic, Antipruritic properties).

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