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LARY TONE® Tablets is a comprehensive herbal therapy in cough management. This is a ayurvedic approach for your entire family that gives relief from cold, cough and other respiratory allergies and infections which normally encountered during seasonal changes. It contains three wonder herbs -Yasthimadhu, Vanapsa & Shigru, which are rich source of anti-viral & anti-microbial qualities, thus fight respiratory tract infections of viral & bacterial origin, Relieving inflammation of the tract, soothens the Respiratory Mucosa, liquefy the viscous mucous & improve immunity. LARY TONE ® Tablets is an excellent medicine for Respiratory Infections which provides synergistic herbal support for various ailment of the respiratory system. They are designed to restore health to mucosal tissues of the respiratory tract. Provide relief from Nasal Congestion & makes Expectoration easy. Products are strictly prepared according to the ayurvedic text to maintain its efficacy having no side effects like drowsiness.


  1. Reduces the inflammation and infection of the Upper Respiratory Tract.
  2. Soothens the Respiratory Mucosa, effectively controls Dry Cough.
  3. Relieves from Nasal Congestion and makes Expectoration easy.
  4. Effective & having No side effects like drowsiness.

5 years - 10 years : 1 tab. twice daily after meal ( preferred licking ) or as advised by the Physician.
Adults : 1 tab. twice/thrice daily after meal (preferred licking ) or as advised by the physician.

Laxmivilash Rasa (It is used as Antioxidant, Immunomodulator, Antimicrobial, Cardioprotective), Glycyrrhiza glabra (Yasthimadhu) (It has Anti Ulcer, Anti Fungal, Antibacterial, Expectorant, Anti Inflammatory properties), Viola odorata (Vanapsa) (It is used as Anti Bacterial, Anti Microbial, Immunomodulator), Moringa oleifera (Shigru) (It has Mucolytic, Immunomodulator, Anti Inflammatory, Detoxifier, Antihistaminic properties).

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