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Menstruation - It's a beautiful stain….Natural Cure for Abnormal Bleeding.

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Anuja's LTONA® Tablets offers a safe, effective and ayurvedic cure for a range of women’s problems. It promotes the growth of good bacteria, balances vaginal pH levels, and reduce chances of Bacterial infection. It effectively controls all types of Abnormal Vaginal Discharge, Tones up the Uterine Muscles & reduces Low Back Pain.. It has 5 main ingredients to promote the growth of good bacteria which helps in gut health and vaginal health. Lodhra and Ashoka: Together they help in restricting adhesion and reducing Candida (yeast) colonies, thus preventing vaginal yeast infection. Dhataki & Ulatkambal : Menstrual regulator. Very effective for Premenstrual as well as Menopausal Syndrome. LTONA® Tablets are a Natural uterus detox Feel fresh & confident, everyday Socialize without fear or awkwardness No more intimate wash, pantyliner, antibiotics.


  1. Effectively controls all types of abnormal vaginal discharge.
  2. Maintains vaginal pH balance by correcting estrogenic activity.
  3. Effective for premenstrual as well as Menopausal syndrome.
  4. Tones up the Uterine Muscles and reduces low back pain.

Adults : 1 tab. twice daily after meal or as advised by the Physician.

Saraca indica (Ashoka) (It has Anthelmintic, Anti bacterial, Antifungal, Antioxidant, Antineoplastic properties), Symplocos racemosa (Lodhra) (It is proved to be used as Hormonal Regulator, Maintained pH Balance, Antiprotozoal, Antibacterial), Woodfordia floribunda (Dhataki) (It is called Fertility Agent, Menstrual Regulator), Abroma augusta (Ulatkambal) (It is used as Emmenagogue in Menstrual disorder, Antiprotozoal), Calcinated tin (Banga Bhasma) (It has Androgenic, Aphrodisiac, Ovulation stimulant, Muscle relaxant properties).

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