RUMAFLEX ® Liniment

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What pains us is what heals us… Natural, Fast & long-lasting pain relief.

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Ayurveda goal of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, Lumbago, Synovitis treatment is not only to control symptoms but also prevent disease progression, minimize disability, improve the quality of life and also to set right the above-said causative factors which lead to the formation of OA. Vata is the governing factor in the maintenance of equilibrium in the universe as well as in the body. As age advances, the influence of Vata Dosha progresses, resulting in the process of gradual degeneration of the body. Sandhigatavata (osteoarthritis) is one of the consequences of this process, which is common in elderly people. The prevalence of osteoarthritis in India is more among menopausal women. It is the most common type of arthritis because it’s often caused by the wear and tear on a joint over a lifetime and causes pain, swelling and stiffness as bones rub together resulting in the process of gradual degeneration of the body. It is most often found in the hands, knees, hips and spine. Factors that contribute to osteoarthritis include Heredity, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, joint overuse and injury. Patients who already have rheumatoid arthritis are more likely to develop osteoarthritis. Ayurveda offers effective and safe treatment for the prevention and cure of osteoarthritis. Ayurvedic treatment has the potential of regenerating the cartilage in mild to moderate OA. Ayurveda has focused not only on structural western diagnosis, it also considers the causative factors like physiological, metabolic, excretory and mental functions, life style, food habits and other factors which leads to the formation and progress of OA. RUMAFLEX® Liniment from the house of Anuja is an effective Ayurvedic approach for the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, Lumbago, Synovitis. A unique formulation of Suddha Vuchnag, Suddha Kuchila, Mahanarayan Taila, Nirgundi Taila, Erand taila and some of the other herbal ingredients.


  1. Relieves Pain, Inflammation and Swelling in Arthritis.
  2. Improves mobility of Joint Movements.
  3. Fast relief from pain & sprain of traumatic conditions.
  4. Non Sticky & Skin friendly.
  5. Safe for prolonged use.

Apply locally before and after defecation or as advised by the Physician.

Aconitum napellus (Suddha Vuchnag) (It is clinically tested to be used as Paresthesia, Anti inflammatory), Strychnos nux-vomica (Suddha Kuchila) (It is used as Motor nerve & spinal muscle stimulator, Neurotransmitter), Mahanarayan Taila (It is used as Reduce pain & inflammation, Relieves muscle & joint stiffness), Vitex nigundo (Nirgundi Taila) (It is Anti inflammatory, Analgesic), Ricinus communis (Eranda taila) (It is Anti inflammatory, Analgesic).

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